The Power of Prayer

Recently, Ive been going through a bad patch!

Yesterday, I watched a video on a blog which inspired me and I had a conversation on twitter which lifted my spirit!  

I’ve always had a faith and it’s got me through some very difficult times.

Recently, I haven’t been praying.

I have been trying to deal with a bunch of problems without any help.

Recently, I have been a long way, away from prayer!

This week I’ve been at my wits end! I’ve had a situation at work with an aggressive drunk, been under siege at home, interviewed by the press, organised a concert for charity and today I had to have two teeth out at the hospital!
Hell of a week and I am worn out with it all!

Recently, I have felt quite alone.

Last night I took on board a bible verse which was displayed at the end of that video.  This morning I had two long discussions in which I stood up for myself and made my wishes clear!  
Then I went to the hospital to have my teeth out!

I prayed and prayed but I was very stressed!  I had to wait 40 minutes and by the time I got in the chair I was not good! Hyperventilating and the dentist was worried!
“We’ll just take out the one tooth for today”, he said.

I used the bible verse as a mantra and the specialist got to work!  

There was no pain but when I was feeling I could stand no more, I heard a quiet voice in my head! The voice said, “Be not afraid for I am with you.”  
I felt suddenly calm and my breathing returned to normal. All of the problems the dentist had anticipated never happened and the tooth came out! No stitches, no swelling, no bruises, no locked jaw!

If you are still reading you are probably convinced by now that I’m a religious nut!
I am not. I know quite a few, but that’s not me or my way.  In fact, just writing down this experience is an extreme step for me!

Recently, I have rediscovered the power of prayer!
I have discovered that anything is possible and that “I CAN” is one hell of a powerful mantra!


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I am a widow of a police officer who was shot and killed on duty. I have had a varied existence since then and I have chosen to share some of it! I have been married and widowed and married and divorced, I may choose to share! My alter ego is Bella Jane we both like to knit and crotchet but she is also a bit naughty and likes to wear purple..... Life is full of mysteries and surprises, life can be cruel and unfair but we have two choices....sink or swim! I choose to swim because I am a survivor! Bella Jane intends to live what's left of life to the max!

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